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Practice Tutor lessons

Have you ever felt like your musical skills are not improving much, even though you are consistently taking music lessons?

A huge amount of time and money are spent on piano lessons, materials, books, even apps for learning which promise results in a day, a week, a month, yet it still feels like you are not getting the quality of music-making the way you want.

Or you are just plain tired of paid resources and started investing a lot of your time in hard practice. You run through your favorite songs, study scales, technical exercises on the keyboard diligently, look for free YouTube videos and tutorials to supplement your learning, before realizing it has been several years since and you still feel like you are around square one.

From years of teaching experience, it is a possible scenario for students who are enrolled in music lessons to either not practice or have poor practice habits, which can result in ineffective development in their learning curve. We introduced these practice partner series to provide support for students who are studying the piano or violin.

Practice Tutor lessons
How does Practice Tutor work?

How does Practice Tutor work?


  1. It is online.

  2. Students can see their instructor demonstrating on one screen, while highlighted details in the music score are displayed on another screen simultaneously.

  3. These practice courses are fully guided and focused on effectively improving the student’s practice habits.

  4. The instructor assigned for Practice Tutor is in close liaison with the student’s piano teacher, which expedites the materials covered and goals of the student.

  5. The course is designed to encourage discipline and good habits in music learning.


The Practice Tutor course provides one-on-one real-person online musical instrument guided practice. Using methods children like, our teachers provide high-quality professional training to your kids, improving their music literacy, and leaving the power and beauty in music impression with them. Make every practice session for your musical kids valuable!