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The piano, attributed to Bartolomeo Cristofori of the eighteenth century, is a popular keyboard instrument widely used in Western music for solo performances, chamber music, accompaniment, and also as a convenient aid to composing and rehearsing.

The Solution To Effective Piano Learning
  1. Over 10 years of home tuition history in the local market
  2. Highly recommended by parents and students
  3. High passing rate
  4. Focus on interest in music besides just the preparation for Graded Examination
  5. Effective learning so students can achieve the highest grade in the shortest time
  6. Special points of our teachers: professional, patient and passionate

The Piano Solution.

The Solution to Effective Piano Learning


The Piano Solution.

Over 10 years of home tuition history in local market


The Piano Solution.

We help to develop musical interest & skills

in your child