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For serious learners to leisurely music lovers — we create and host a variety of videos for your reference.

【Student Performance】Jingo Claire Shen Yuanxi Belle

【ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2023 & 2024】Grade 6 C3 Jazz Exercise No 2

【 Violin Tutorial Video 】音阶的练习

What They're Saying


婷婷's Mum

Ms Angeline is a very gentle and caring piano teacher. Firstly, she is a very friendly teacher who is good at interacting with young kids, and builds good relationships through patience. Secondly, she also updates parents about Valerie’s progress frequently. Hence, Valerie is able to improve and pra

Valerie's Mum


Leandro's Mum

I've been taking piano lessons from teacher Ma Wei for the past one year, and I can honestly say that my experience has been incredible. She is an amazing piano teacher who truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond to help them excel. Teacher Ma Wei is not only a talented pianist h

Felicia Tan Yi Ern

谢谢老师的教导!虽然才上了一个多月的课,但老师的循循善诱和因势利导让我的孩子开始对弹钢琴重拾起了兴趣。 自有疫情以来,我们钢琴课就停了大概有3年多。而这次重拾钢琴,我们打算不以考级为目的,只为了享受好听的音乐,享受“玩钢琴”的乐趣。 感谢老师完全理解并支持小孩,在老师的陪伴和引导下,小孩目前很享受钢琴及音乐。 再次感谢音乐学院和Cheah Ji Lin老师

Granger‘s Mum